Monday, June 23, 2014

Hail, long neglected blog!

A cold and joyless place where little changes and all wait with sullen eyes until the end times for release from grim stagnancy.  No, it's not Mist-Land, it's this blog. 

But today, I bring forth a new post, roughly forged and hurled from the tongs into online existence.

So.  Those resolute and hammer-hearted souls who order the Barbarian Lord graphic novel can claim for themselves a free limited signed and numbered print through the publisher, Clarion Books.  It's free.  It's easy.  It's grim. 

It comes to you delivered by a live and furious wolf.

But ere the print could be placed within the slavering jaws of the wolf, it had to be created.  Here is some documentation of that process.

rough composition sketch
tighter sketch -switched from the usual BL square format to a rectangle
working out the details a bit more--mid ground characters developed
line work     


Here is where you must go if you wish to greet the angry wolf and pry this free print from his hall of jagged teeth.  See the site for details, fill out the form and await the howls!

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Jonas said...

I bought Barbarian Lord yesterday from Fantasiapelit of Helsinki, rarely one obtains such treasures with mere coins.